1-to-1 Dog Training

Headed up by Kate, Companion Minds offers 1-1 dog training for a variety of life skills required by our dogs in todays society.

All Training sessions also come with a hand out for you to keep to help you practice the skills in your own time. So if you want a training session to work on your dogs recall, we will leave you with a recall hand out to help you in between training sessions.

See below for details on what dog training services we offer and get in touch to discuss further and make a booking:
Email: companion.minds.training@gmail.com
Phone: 07752 340 679


  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, wait etc.)
  • Jumping up/door etiquette
  • Teaching to settle
  • Attention/focus

£25/hour OR £80 for four 1h sessions

Puppy Package:

This is a two session package for those new arrivals to your home. The two sessions can be used however you wish. We would recommend the first session in the first week or so of arriving home to best set you up, and then the second occurring around the time they are ready to start going out for walks.

The puppy package will cover advice &/or demonstrations on the following:

  • Overnight sleeping
  • Housetraining
  • Mouthing
  • Chewing
  • Polite toy play
  • Name recognition
  • How to settle
  • Lead walking
  • Recall
  • The ‘how tos’ of socialisation

Price: £60 for package (Two 1.5 hour sessions)

New Rescue Package:

Due to Kate’s background in rescue she is particularly skilled at helping new rescue dog owners. This package involves two sessions for new adult rescue dogs arriving into your home. This can be arranged and used how you wish- even before adoption!
The first visit can be at your home and the second can be arranged where you feel you need most guidance (on a walk, or in the house for example).

We can help you find the right rescue dog for you, taking into account your needs for a new dog, and then advise how best to settle that dog into your home. Two sessions allows us to firstly equip you with the knowledge and skills you need, and then ensure everything is going to plan in the follow up.

In a new rescue package we will cover:

  • Settling in and the importance of rest
  • Housetraining
  • Name recognition
  • How to switch off
  • Building relationships
  • Recall
  • Lead walking (if applicable)
  • The ‘what not to dos’ with a new rescue

Price: £60 for package (Two 1.5 hour sessions)
Please note that if you are having any serious behavioural problems with your rescue dog (aggressive behaviour, separation problems, repetitive behaviours, apparent nervousness, noise sensitivities etc.) then this pack is not suitable and a full behavioural consultation service will be needed.