Online Services

We are excited to be able to offer online options for both our behaviour and training services:

Online Behaviour Referrals:

We aim to make a thorough assessment of the underlying causes of the problematic behaviour and other contributing factors. Based on this assessment, we will then devise a plan with you to help you manage the problem and work towards a resolution.

Included in package:
– Online consultation via Zoom
– Written report summarising assessment alongside individualised behavioural advice
– 3 months follow up support via email &/or telephone
– Discharge report at end of follow up
– Provision of videos where necessary part of behaviour plan

We still require a vet referral for this service. This means we require your vet to complete a form and send it to us before we can arrange a consultation. Given the current situation, have a chat with your vet on the phone and they will advise whether the dog qualified for an in person physical exam or whether they will complete the referral without having seen the animal. The referral remains an important part of this service to ensure we have access to the animals medical history, and that the line of communication with your vet is open should further veterinary investigations be needed.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download a veterinary referral form and give it to your vet or ask your vet to access the form here (we also require a full clinical history from your veterinarian, this is stated on the referral form).
  2. Download a canine (dog) or feline (cat) history form that you, the owner, need to complete and send back to us
  3. Once we have received both of these forms, we will contact you directly via your preferred method to arrange a time and date for your consultation.

The consultation process:

Where? – Consultations take place via the online video software Zoom. You will be provided with instructions about how to use this.

How long? The consultation can vary, being anywhere between 1 – 3 hours, so please allow for this when it comes to booking a date and time slot.

Who needs to attend? – If possible, it is best if all members of the family or all residents of the household are present.


– A single one off fee of £175 for new clients

Previous clients:
If you have been previously discharged by Companion Minds but would like our help again for the same or a new problem, we offer the above service with a 20% discount, making it £140. Alternatively, if you are a previous client and you just want a consultation & written report, without additional follow up, we can offer this at £100.

Online dog training

We are currently able to offer online consultations via Zoom for dog training related issues.