Services for Rescue Sector

Both Kate & Tom have extensive experience in the rescue sector and we are pleased to offer two core services to animal rescue charities at a reduced rate. These services are:

  1. Post adoption behaviour referrals arranged & paid for by the rescue
  2. Staff training CPD

Post Adoption Behaviour Referrals

Who’s it for?
This service is designed for dogs or cats that have been adopted but the adopters have contacted the rescue requiring help with behaviour problems. The rescue then enlists & pays for our behaviour service on the adopters behalf.

The service is headed by Tom & aims to make a thorough assessment of the underlying causes of the problematic behaviour and other contributing factors. Based on this assessment, we will then devise a plan with the adopter to help them manage the problem and work towards a resolution.

What’s included in this service?
– Home visit consultation
– Written report summarising assessment alongside individualised behavioural advice sent to
adopters, referring vet, and paying rescue organisation
– 3 months follow up via email & phone to adopters
– 1 hour training session with adopters to be arranged at any point during follow up
– Discharge report at end of follow up sent to adopters, referring vet, and rescue organisation

Steps to follow:
1) Rescue organisation contacts Tom at explaining problem & providing adopters contact details (provided permission has been given).
2) Tom provides the rescue with a terms & conditions of service provision which will need to be signed & dated & requests to be sent all relevant information on the animals history which the rescue holds
3) Tom contacts adopters to provide immediate emergency advice if required and sends them a vet referral form and behaviour history form (rescue can download these below & send them to adopter in advance if they wish).
4) Once Tom has received the vet referral form & behaviour history form back he will arrange a time & date to make a home visit to the adopters for assessment
5) Once a date & time has been booked the rescue organisation will be sent an invoice

Note: Adopters will also have to sign & date after having read & agreed to T+Cs before commencement of service provision.

The consultation itself
Where? – home visits, taking place at your own property. We currently operate within a 20 mile radius of DN21. Further travel is considered but comes with an additional charge of 40p/mile of additional travel.

How long? – The consultation can vary, being anywhere between 1 – 3 hours, so please allow for this when it comes to booking a date and time slot.

Who needs to attend? – If possible, it is best if all members of the family or all residents of the household are present.

20% charitable discount on usual behaviour service prices

We are also happy to consider payment plans if required. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Staff Training CPD

We offer a variety of animal behaviour & training CPD events. These typically involve a mixture of presentation & practical exercises & hand out copies of presentation material is provided.

Examples of previous topics we have provided the dog rescue sector with include the following:
– What is animal welfare? assessment & implementation
– Concepts of ‘stress’ and enrichment
– Describing behaviour
– Humane handling: choice, consent, & the kennel environment
– Fundamental dog body language
– Dog training fundamentals
– Behaviour & risk assessment of kennelled dogs
– The use of psychometric dog questionnaires
– Conspecific (dog-dog) interactions: putting theory in to practice for the kennel environment

We are happy to develop CPD topics in discussion with an organisation to develop something specific to the teams skill development needs.


Price for this service varies depending on:
a) whether you want delivery of a topic that has pre-prepared material or requires the development of new material
b) the duration of delivery for a particular topic e.g. some topics take ~1.5h others take ~3h
c) travel required to visit rescue site (within 20 miles of DN21 no charge, all miles outside of this charged at 40p/mile)

Please contact us with your particular requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Phone: 07986 322 328