Welcome to Companion Minds

Welcome to Companion Minds: Animal Behaviour & Training

We are a companion animal vet referral behaviour consultation service AND dog training business, located in North Lincolnshire.

We take a positive reward based approach to training and behaviour. Finding out what is rewarding to your companion is key!

We bring years of education, qualifications, and experience to helping you form the best possible partnership with your companion animals.

We conduct ourselves in line with the Animal behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) ethics statement.

Behaviour Consultation Service

This is a vet referral only service, where we make a comprehensive assessment of the underlying causes & contributing factors to problematic behaviours & devise a plan together to help you manage the behaviour & work towards resolution. Click here to find out more

1-to-1 Dog Training

This does not require veterinary referral. If you’re looking for some help with fundamental training needs such as puppy training, recall, lead walking, & obedience then this is the service for you. Click here to find out more.

Dog Training Classes

We do a mixture of ‘training’ and ‘behaviour’ related classes. Training classes include puppy classes, adolescent classes, scent work & many more. Click here to find out more.

Ethical animal behaviour & dog training services in North Lincolnshire

Get In Touch:

If you’re interested in behaviour, please contact us via:
Email: companion.minds.behaviour@gmail.com
Phone: 07986 322 328

If you’re interested in dog training, please contact us via:
Email: companion.minds.training@gmail.com
Phone: 07752 340 679